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The Top Five PS5 Must Buy Games (Including Preorder)

The Playstation 5 release is just days away, and while people are clamoring to get their hands on this beast of a machine, publishers are getting their games ready as well. Some games will have digital updates for wners of the PS4 variants, but if you're looking to...

5 Ultimate Gaming Space Setups from Reddit

In the world of gaming there's some pretty clear differences between the good and the great. This is true of games, gamers, and of course, gaming space setups. We decided to hunt for five of the best on the best reddit thread for the job r/gamingsetups. In this review...

Not All Ubisoft Games Will be PS5 Compatible

With the 12th Novembet Ps5 launch date coming up fast, there's one question that seems to be top of mind for Playstation gamers. Will my games still work? The Sony team hasn't been shy about touting just how many of your PS4 games will still work on your new console,...

Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Pro Gamers

When you're in the zone it's easy to spend hours sat in your space, but if you don't have the right kinda chair, it's going to screw with your back in the long run. For pro gamers it can be about more than just posture though! In true tech style the best gaming chairs...

Best Gaming Monitor 2020: The Very Best Monitors for Gaming

When it comes to shopping around for gaming monitors, the options are endless. To help narrow things down to get the best bang for your buck, we created a comprehensive list of some of the best monitors on the market. Once you decide what specifications are the most...

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Gamer Tech was created with one vision in mind. Helping gamers find the very best technology, so they can be their very best.

While we’re still young, we’re starting to build out reviews on the latest in gaming technology, and build out lists of the top items in every category.  As we get grow, look forward to our top PC component lists and dream PC builds, so you can quickly build out the gaming rig of your dreams.

However, as with all projects, it takes time to get moving, so bare with us while we start to pull together our first reviews.