Gaming headsets are an excellent way to elevate your PC gaming experience. If you’re wondering why this is the case, gaming headsets allow you to enjoy video game audio discreetly. Instead of blasting your game audio through external speakers and potentially disturbing others, you can use your headphones to enjoy any volume at any time.

Online gaming often makes microphone communication necessary. While you’re enjoying blasting the audio of your favorite video games at 1:00 am, you can enjoy one of the many PC gaming headsets on the market that includes a built-in microphone.

Gamers of all kinds can agree that headsets offer unique perks—but one question remains: 

What are the best PC gaming headsets currently on the market? 

We have the answers that you’re looking for. We’re here to recommend quality PC gaming headsets that suit every type of gamer. 

Our recommendations will include the best:

  • Wireless PC gaming headset 
  • Wired gaming headset 
  • Budget PC gaming headset
  • Premier audio PC gaming headset 

—and more. 

Let’s dive in!

Best Wireless Headset: SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

Wireless headsets offer higher mobility levels, but there are plenty of cases where the headset’s sound output is compromised as a result. With the SteelSeries Arctis Pro, trading mobility for lower audio quality is a thing of the past. 

Our pick for the number one wireless headset comes at a high price—but your money will be well spent. Gamers looking to achieve top-tier lossless audio playback through a wireless headset should look no further than this headset. 

If you’re wondering what “lossless audio refers to,” it indicates audio that’s not compressed. Audio that’s compressed is naturally going to lose quality due to the reduction of its original size. An example of audio compression would be converting an original audio recording to a downloadable .mp3 file. When the audio file size is smaller or compressed, it’s easier to download and share. 

The dual-battery charging system that this gaming headset contains will pave your path to victory. Each battery provides 10 hours of playtime so you can remain in your zone. 

With its sleek design and high-end wireless audio, you can’t go wrong with the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headset. 

 Best Wired Gaming Headset: Razer Blackshark V2

Razer continues to deliver with the Blackshark V2’s stellar audio and supreme level of comfort. The Blackshark V2 is able to produce quality audio thanks to 50mm TriForce Titanium drivers with non-noticeable ports that separate tremble, mid, and bass tones. 

What impresses us most about this product is that Razer is able to deliver this high-value product at a reasonable price. If you love the design and feel of the Razer Blackshark V2 but wish there was a wireless version, you’re in luck. For some extra bucks, you can attain a Wireless Razor Blackshark V2 that contains the same killer sound.

Best Budget PC Gaming Headset: Razer Kraken X

Purchasing a gaming headset on a budget shouldn’t require you to sacrifice high levels of quality. What makes this budget headset stick out is its stellar audio capability. The 7.1 virtual surround sound that the Razer Kraken X delivers is a step up from the standard stereo audio that many headsets contain. 

Gamers looking for a headset containing a less noisy design will love the understated look that this Razer product offers.

This gaming headset’s high comfort level is the icing on the cake. When you combine the Razer Kraken X’s high audio quality, sleek design, and cozy feel, you experience a quality PC gaming headset that won’t break the bank. 

After uncovering our picks, we’re going to break down the five PC gaming headset considerations that influenced our selections. 

Best Gaming Headset Design: Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a PC gaming headset that sports a top of the line appearance. What’s even better is there’s more that lies beneath the surface with this headset. 

We wouldn’t recommend the Corsair Virtuoso if its quality didn’t live up to its looks. Many PC gaming headsets with quality audio hold a bulky appearance that can be unattractive. On the flip side, this headset excels in the audio department while simultaneously containing a uniquely beautiful design. 

One of the Corsair Virtuoso’s biggest perks is its 20-hour wireless battery life. When you’re experiencing hi-res audio, the 20 hours of battery life becomes even more impressive. 

When you’re looking for a PC gaming headset that contains looks and substance, consider the Corsair Virtuoso. 

The Best Razer Headset: Razer Thresher Ultimate 

Razer’s dominance in the headset market is evident by the fact that our list contains multiple selections from the company. We’re going to take our evaluation of Razer headsets a bit further by highlighting our top pick from the reputable company. 

Comfort, quality audio, and wireless capability merge within the Razer Thresher Ultimate to create a worthy gaming experience. With this headset, Razer gives you a wireless connection that you can rely on. 


Regarding audio quality, the Razer Thresher Ultimate helps you upgrade from stereo to 7.1 Dolby Surround audio. 

Too much audio detail can result in a disorienting experience. Gamers will find that this headset’s audio contains plenty of detail without bashing you over the head. 

We love the fact that this Razer headset strikes an ideal balance between a flashy and conservative design. If you’re striving to make a safe bet with your gaming headset selection, the Razer Thresher Ultimate is bound to deliver. 

Best Overall Gaming Headset: HyperX Cloud Alpha 

The HyperX Cloud is a headset that delivers on all fronts without being too pricey. Let’s evaluate what makes this PC gaming headset worth checking out. 

First and foremost, the HyperX Cloud Alpha’s sound is crystal clear due to its neutral quality. Instead of an overly aggressive sound, HyperX Cloud Alpha users will experience a more natural audio output. 

Quality materials are going to go a long way in your gaming headset’s ability to stand the tests of time. Luckily this headset opts for aluminum over plastic in key areas, while the headband’s thick memory foam padding provides an exceptional comfort level. 

The HyperX Cloud Alpha proves that you don’t need to spend hundreds to acquire a quality PC gaming headset. 


PC Gaming Headset Consideration #1: Comfort 

An uncomfortable headset is bound to ruin your gaming experience by causing physical pain. If you’re someone that regularly enjoys lengthy gaming sessions, headset discomfort becomes an even bigger issue. 

Neck pain, ear pain, and headaches are three of the most common symptoms of headset discomfort. If you’re experiencing these symptoms during play, it’s more than fair to say you won’t get the most out of your time gaming—and that’s what we’re here to help you do. 

PC Gaming Headset Consideration #2: Design 

Gaming headsets come in a wide variety of designs. Some designs are extra flashy, while others are more conservative in their approach. 

If you’re having trouble deciding between a subtle gaming headset design or a design that contains some flare, consider where you’ll be gaming. Public space gaming might call for a more low-key headset design, while private gaming gives you more freedom to go either direction.

PC Gaming Headset Consideration #3: Isolation 

Isolation refers to a headset’s seal. PC gaming headsets that contain poor seals will always negatively affect what you hear. What you need is a headset that’s consistent in its audio delivery. 

The fit of your headphone pads has a direct impact on the quality of your audio seal. If you find that a headphone pad doesn’t fit around your ear, explore bigger sizes. Headphone pads that initially fail to provide a perfect fit may need some time to mold to your ear shape. 

Gamers that wear glasses during play can benefit from headsets with eyewear grooves. Wearing glasses with a gaming headset that doesn’t contain eyewear grooves can result in a gamer experiencing diminished audio quality in critical areas like a game’s bass output

PC Gaming headsets that deliver some of the best audio quality are noise canceling. While noise-canceling headsets are rarer, our list of picks wouldn’t be complete without one. 

PC Gaming Headset Consideration #4: Build Quality 

Every PC gamer wants a headset that will last them the long run. Headsets with a wire or metal frame are more durable than plastic models. If you need to purchase a plastic PC gaming headset, look for one that has a solid range of mobility and flexibility.

Let’s wrap up with our final primary aspect to consider when shopping for a PC gaming headset. 

PC Gaming Headset Consideration #5: Sound Quality

While most PC gaming headsets contain stereo audio, several headsets offer a surround sound experience. Product designers can manufacture gaming headsets with surround sound through audio types like THX Spatial Audio. 

Gamers that opt for surround sound audio can gain an extra edge over their competition as subtle nuances like opposing player movement become easier to register. 

If you follow our considerations, your budget won’t dictate your ability to acquire a quality PC gaming headset.