In the world of gaming there’s some pretty clear differences between the good and the great. This is true of games, gamers, and of course, gaming space setups. We decided to hunt for five of the best on the best reddit thread for the job r/gamingsetups.

In this review we’re not looking at actual computing power, we’re looking for the unique, the beautiful, and the creative best home gaming setups. There’s a wide range of styles out there, and while many people may have a functional setup, it’s not always beautiful.

So without further ado, here is…

Our top five ultimate gaming home setups from Reddit!

how to organize gaming console cables

While this setup might not be the most beautiful, the wiring is one of the best jobs we have ever seen, period. The person who created this masterpiece out of the usual massed jumble of cables deserves recognition for solving the problem that plagues most gaming setups, that hidden mass of tangled cabling shoved behind a monitor.

Okay, we’ve all heard the jokes around the stereotype of the gamer sitting in their basement, but in this case, we have to give the creator u/Penttheviking credit for embracing the environment and turning it in to an epic atmospheric gaming experience. The technology might look a little outdated, but it makes up for that easily with style.

Some gaming setups are neat, tidy, and organized, others (like my own) are jumbled messes of the very best technology. user u/shuscioh packs a huge amount of technology, audio, visuals, and power in to a small space. Points added for the creative use of bracing to support the gamers peripherals. Sure it looks a little overwhelming, but for a gaming space that awesome setup I think it’s worth getting lost occasionally.

There’s not much to this gaming setup, and while it contrasts significantly with the last gaming space we featured, u/chabischopf1 pulled together a beautiful clean gaming space. Minimalist maybe, but with awesome lighting and everything you need for an amazing gaming experience… Except, for a PC, which Chabischopf1 hinted is coming soon.

We’ve shown you some amazing gaming spaces, but the finalist has it all. Clean environment, delectable lighting, tons of technology, and perfect aesthetics. While I’m not sure if I could keep this gaming space looking this tidy, u/pichdereck has built one of my favorite experiences showcased on this reddit.

Are there gaming setups we missed? Do you have some awesome examples that you want us to highlight? Let us know in the comments!