Every gamer dreams about acquiring the perfect PC gaming setup—but how do you get there? We’re going to show you how to create the perfect PC gaming setup so you can take your experience to the next level.

PC gaming setups offer people unique perks that can exceed the value that gaming consoles provide. The competition that PC gaming faces from consoles like Xbox and Playstation has driven down the price of PC gaming parts and accessories. If you’re looking to get into PC gaming, it’s never been a more affordable time to do so. 

While the chances are high that you’ll have to spend more money upfront to build your ideal PC gaming setup, you’ll be able to capitalize on the value of being a PC owner by upgrading your devices over time. Xbox and PlayStation don’t offer consumers the ability to open their consoles and insert a higher tier graphics card. 

A common complaint among console gamers is that their decision to side with brands like Xbox or Playstation results in a limitation on them being able to play certain fan-favorite games due to exclusive console titles. While brands like Sony don’t make their exclusive titles available to PC gamers, you’ll find direct access to exclusive titles on PC gaming platforms like Steam. If you’re looking for title exclusivity in PC gaming, there are plenty of PC titles that make a splash without making it onto the console market. 

We could continue discussing more perks of PC gaming like game sales, free-to-play games, and control flexibility. Instead, we’re going to preface our dive into what a perfect PC gaming setup is and can be by discussing things to consider when building your ideal setup, and unpacking the essential components of a quality PC gaming arrangement.

Things to Consider for the Perfect PC Gaming Setup

If you’re working on upgrading your current PC gaming situation or starting from scratch, here are some things to consider before beginning your efforts: 

  1. Strive for minimalism: Clutter is the enemy of PC gaming. You need to create a space that’s conducive to clarity of mind so you can be on your A-game during play and not be distracted by your environment. If you adopt the “less is more” mindset, you’ll end up spending less on accessories. 
  2. Establish a theme: Ask yourself what kind of look you’re working to achieve. Once you have an idea of the direction you want to go with the design, base your PC components, peripheral items, and furniture within that direction. An accessory that doesn’t match your overall theme will stick out like a sore thumb. 
  3. Establish a budget: PC setups can get expensive fast. Establishing a budget will help narrow your search for parts that are right for your needs and accommodate the flexibility of your wallet. Just because a setup you see is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best.

So, what goes into a quality PC gaming setup?

What Goes Into the Perfect PC Gaming Setup?

Understanding how a stellar PC gaming setup comes together will help inform the choices you make when browsing the market and pulling the trigger on a setup that’s right for you.

Here’s a quick list of some essential items that make up the foundation of a PC gaming setup. 

  • Processor (CPU) 
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Storage (HDD or SSD)
  • PC Case
  • Graphics Card
  • Speakers with stellar sound
  • A consistent design theme/vibe 
  • A comfortable chair to settle into

The list of items above come together to create a PC gaming setup that emphasizes power, speed, atmosphere, sound, and comfort. A screwdriver is the primary tool that you’ll need to install these parts, while items like ties and antistatic wrist straps can help mitigate build challenges in areas such as cable management.  

Our upcoming examples of heavenly PC gaming setups aim to help you go above and beyond with your gaming experience. You’ll find that the examples we provide will give you plenty of inspiration if you do venture off to create your setup. 

The phrase “perfect PC gaming setup” is subjective. Each PC gamer has his or her own needs and budget. We’re going to be going through a couple of different high-quality PC setup options so you can get an idea of what other people are doing and decide if components of their approach are right for you. 

Let’s begin with a PC gaming setup that’s modern in its minimalistic approach. 

Clean and Minimal by ItsMehRuby

(Photo from ItsMehRuby)

Quality PC gaming setups benefit from layouts that are organized, straightforward, and easy to maintain. The primary white coloring of this setup creates a clean aesthetic that makes PC gaming an attractive prospect. People that take their PC gaming setup seriously often put thought and effort toward selecting a monitor wallpaper that complements the design of their arrangement. The snowy mountains on this desktop’s screensaver match the coloring of this setup while also providing the layout with a pop of life and nature. 

The Karbly Countertop sits perfectly atop the two Alex drawer units that provide plenty of space to store accessories, snacks, water, and more. Both the countertop and drawer units are affordable furnishing options that come from Ikea. 

Clean and Minimal PC Case

This setup’s PC case is a NZXT H510i model in Matte White. Before we dive into the new features this NZXT H510i PC case provides, it’s important to note that this model contains fan-favorite components like NZXT’s patented cable management system, easily accessible drive trays, and removable radiator/fan mounting brackets. 

New updates on the NZXT H510i include a front panel USB connector that supports high-speed USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices, an upgraded smart device V2, and a tempered glass side panel that only requires a single thumbscrew to install. The clean, modern aesthetic of the NZXT H510i coupled with the tempered glass side panel, provides the ideal opportunity to show off the impressive build that this PC case contains. 

Clean and Minimal Case Fans

Quality case fans are a must for any PC gamer. The NZXT AER RGB case fans within this PC gaming setup are both affordable and efficient. Your gaming rig will experience a boost or overall pressure and airflow as these fans feature a chamfered-intake. Performance aside, these fans look super cool. Custom engineered light guides within the product produce a pleasing visual effect.

Clean and Minimal Communication Setup 

What’s a PC gamer without their ability to communicate seamlessly and attain a quality audio output? The microphone and swing-action microphone arm are both products of the company RODE. We love the subtle touch of adding plain black speaker stands to elevate the beautiful looking Audio Engine A2+ wireless speakers. 

Clean and Minimal Final Rundown 

The lighting that a PC gaming setup contains is often a major component of whether or not you’re able to “wow” people with your arrangement. While the tomons DL lamp in this setup is basic in its functionality, it packs a punch with LED lighting and contains a unique design. Are you wondering how this setup gets its unique glow? The LIFX Z LED Strip in this PC gaming arrangement is easy to install and contains a multicolor design. 

Velcro straps, mounting tape, and cable concealers are used for this clean and minimal PC gaming setup’s cable management system. We love this modern setup as its components come together to foster the perfect headspace for PC gaming. 

If you’re looking for a PC gaming setup that contains more flash and flare than this clean and minimal example, check out our next example that was inspired by the classic video game ‘Bioshock.’ 

Rapture by jase33

(Photo from jase33)

For the readers not familiar with Rapture, it’s the underwater city that serves as the setting for the original ‘Bioshock’ video game. Rapture flourished during its initial phases in the 1940s and early 1950s before the underwater society suffered a collapse due to a civil war spurred by a chemical addiction and other forms of crime and corruption.  

This Rapture PC gaming setup perfectly captures the eerie tone that the original Bioshock game is so famous for. If you’re playing a game that contains a dark storyline or setting, the lighting on this example can launch you deeper into your gaming experience. Even if you’re not playing a spooky game like Bioshock, the glow of this setup is downright attractive. 

This PC gaming setup may not be the cheapest (in fact, it costs several thousands of dollars), but it’s one of the coolest and most well running setups we’ve seen to date. The motherboard alone costs close to $1,500. 

The color is a cool blue, while the cooling is custom liquid cooling. There is no RGB lighting in this setup, and the size is E-ATX. If you’re a pro-gamer, you can grab plenty of inspiration from jase33’s innovative and original setup. The RAM and CPU are the two primary components that pave the way for this setup to dominate the competition. You’ll notice that the monitor on Rapture is extra wide. We recommend extra-wide monitors if you want to further immerse yourself in the games you choose to play. Keep in mind that this case needs customization to fit the cooling system. A separate option is to look for another case.