When it comes to computer mice, you’ve got plenty of options, and it can become a little overwhelming.  We’ve built some lists, like our 10 ten gaming mice, to help with this.but when you’re looking for the absolute best mouse for PC or MAC we have a clear winner.  This is the mouse that I personally use, and our team uses. We chose the MX Master 3 for a lot of reasons, from performance to features, it has it all.

But, before we get too fan boy over our favorite mouse, there’s a downside.  The scroll wheel on the MX Master 3 will help you quickly scroll through thousands of lines of code with it’s “flow” functionality, however, on some games the scroll wheel can feel sluggish if you accidentally switch in to this mode.  We’ve also had problems with games where you hold down the middle button having issues. 

While this wasn’t a deal breaker for us, and there is a fix, it’s disappointing that a hundred dollar mouse is struggling here.

MX Master 3 wirelss mouse by Logitech

MX Master 3 Features

Logitech is known for it’s high quality devices, and the MX Master 3 is no exception. Beyond that High quality design and feel, you’ll find a solid set of basic features, along with some advanced features you wont find anywhere else.  Although we’re going to cover those in just a second, I wanted to cover two key features that I love. 

First off, it’s wireless. Not always best for gamers, but in my experience Logitech mice are crazy responsive, combined with its 4000 dpi accuracy, you’re going to be on point for your work and your play.

Second, the downside of wireless is often battery life, but with the MX Master 3 you’ll get 70 days of use off a single charge, and if you run out, not to worry, one minute of charging will get you 3 hours of use!

But what about the other features? Well, the chart below will tell you more, but there’s three things that should grab your attention!


Two Scroll Buttons

You get two scroll buttons, for independent control of horizontal and vertical movement.  While this can help with some games, this really shines for work, especially for designers, where you may be trying to quickly move around your art boards, or may have assigned scroll buttons for fine tune control of asset movement.


Mag Speed Wheel

With a single click you can switch between smooth and ratched scroll, but where the Logitech MX Master 3 shines is with it’s magspeed wheel. By “flicking” it you’ll scroll at an insanely fast, but somehow controllable pace as the wheel spins seemingly by itself, and when you stop it, you get a satisfying thunk as the magnet stops.

Gesture Button

Straight from the touchpad, Logitech has brought gestures to the mouse. I have to admit, this feature takes a little getting used to, but I was surprised at how quickly even some of the defaults like desktop switching become second nature and so much faster once you’ve got used to the commands.

Logitech MX Master 3 Features

Advanced Features of the MX Master 3

While the maglock wheel is one of my favorite advanced features (Once you’ve felt that scrolling movement you’ll never want to go back) there are two other features that are closely related that are worth mentioning.

First off, with one button you can quickly switch between up to three computers, PC or MAC. This is true of the Master MX keyboard too!

Helping make this feature even more useful, you can use Logitech Flow to use copy and paste across all the devices you switch between, copy something from one computer, switch over, and paste in to the next!


Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced WIreless Mouse


At $99 this isn’t the cheapest wireless mouse on the market, but given it’s feature set, it’s surprisingly cheap compared to some of it’s competitors. We mentioned at the start of this article that we use this mouse ourselves, and is I switched desktops, found images, and edited this article, it was all using my trusty MX Master 3. 

For gamers, some of the lack of software customizable options may be frustrating (however there are workarounds) but for a balance of work and play, this mouse cannot be beaten.