When you’re in the zone it’s easy to spend hours sat in your space, but if you don’t have the right kinda chair, it’s going to screw with your back in the long run. For pro gamers it can be about more than just posture though! In true tech style the best gaming chairs for pro gamers come with a lot of little extras that can amplify your gaming experience, and even give you an edge against your opponents.

In our review of the top gaming chairs we’re going to be covering the most important aspects of your seating experience. Comfort, adjustability, features, and style are all part of the equation. But we’re also going to be checking out reviews from their users so we can see if there are issues with durability over time.

One thing we’re not going into too deeply is how versatile the chairs are for work use. With COVID-19 a lot of people are working from home. While gaming chairs are designed for comfort, you may find yourself sitting in a different position, so an office chair might be more suitable!

The 5 Best Gaming Chairs

Secret Lab TitanRespawn Omega XIGT RacingFicmax MassageGoPlus Gaming Recliner
PU Leather
Memory Foam Lumbar Support
Additional Headrest and padding
PU leather
Lumbar Support/Headrest
Known for it’s comfort
Memory foam
PU leather
Plenty of room for larger people.
PU Leather
Recliner Style
Lumbar and headrest support
Adjustability4D Tilt Armrests
Full Recline
155° recline
3D Armrests
170° Recline
180° Recline140° Recline
FeaturesNoneFootrestInbuilt Bluetooth SpeakersMassageMassage
Upholstery Pattern/Material
Fortnight design
Some issues with padding
Cool design, plenty of color options.
Similar to GT, limited color options
A little clunky but worth it for the comfort
Extras5 year warranty if you social share
(3 year standard)
Lifetime Limited Warranty5 year warranty if you social share
(1 year standard)
No default warranty information available.No default warranty information available.
ConsExpensive (especially if you go for the real leather)Some issues with reliability“Rocking” functionality isn’t to everyone’s tasteArmrest only has 2D movement.Very small, not for taller people
Not great for “office” work
Relative Score*5/52/54/54/53/5
The best gaming chairs comparison chart.
*Score is based relative to the other chairs in comparison

Secret Lab Titan Gaming Chair

When it comes to luxury gaming chairs, the team at Secret Lab deliver. The Secret Lab comes in three major versions, the Omega, the Titan, and the Titan XL. Each of these also comes with three types of covering, PU leather (a non-animal) leather, SoftWeave fabric, and real leather.

The Titan also comes with a wide selection of patterns, colors, and prints. It’s worth pointing out however that some of these are only available on the pre-orders, and this chair comes with a waitlist at the moment.

The Titan is the cream of the crop form the Secret Lab collection. It’s larger than the Omega, and comes with everything you need to customize the chair to fit comfortably. This includes resistance adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, and a solid 4 inches of vertical movement available. The Titan also comes with an XL version, if you want more space.

The Secret Lab Titan is there for those that want the best, it doesn’t come with some of the features of the other gaming chairs on our top list, but if you just want the best gaming chair, this is it.

Respawn Omega Xi Gaming Chair

The Respawn Omega Xi is a basic gaming chair. It comes with a decent recline, headrest and lumbar support. It’s size seems to be suitable for people tall or small, although it’s leg rest is too short for many people.

For those on a budget what got this chair on to the list was both it’s excellent looks combined with it’s customizability. It’s easy to make this chair the perfect fit, and it comes with a lifetime (limited) warranty. It’s starting price isn’t bad either, and while we see some issues with the construction (including a pretty flat back, you’ll need that lumbar support).

Although the price seems right and the feature set is pretty sweet, there’s a lot of issues from user reviews for this chair, primarily around the padding flattening rather quickly.

GT Racing Gaming Chair

The GT Racing gaming chair is the second budget chair on our list, and the cheapest. With this comes a notable lack of quality. While it does not have the flattening cushion issue of the Respawn Omega Xi it does have pretty thin padding in general, and while it is really comfortable for shorter gaming sessions, don’t expect it to be the most comfortable for longer term gaming. It’s max tilt angle is also 170°, almost flat, for when you really want to relax.

Out of this list, the GT Racing is the only gaming chair to include in-built speakers. The speakers aren’t a necessity with most computers having a pretty decent speaker set. But when you’re feeling the sound through the chair, it does add a little something.

For the price/quality ratio there’s not much out there that can beat the GT Racing chair, there’s comfier chairs, and there are chairs with more features, but not in this price range. To unpack that a little, the chair has great reviews on amazon for lasting a long time, and retaining it’s comfort. But closer inspection of the parts, you’ll see a cheaper “toy like” vibe.

Ficmax Massage Chair for Gamers

The style of a gaming chair, with an inbuilt vibrating lumbar massager to help ease away the tension from the toughest of games, The vibrations are not going to give you a deep tissue experience by any means, but it’s adds a definite layer of relaxation. The Ficmax massage gaming chair is not the greatest gaming chair on the market, but the massage feature definitely takes it up a notch or two. While some people have had quality issues with the chair, replacements seem to be provided quickly (although, the warranty is only one year). While this chair fits all sizes <300lb, the leg rest is only really suitable for shorter people.

Comfort wise, the Ficmax gaming massage chair comes with solid padding on the chair itself, although the armrests are plasticy. it does have a full 180 degree recline, making it one of the few fully recline-able gaming chairs on the market. It also comes in a decent range of patterns and colors, but be aware that some models do not include the massage functionality

GoPlus Gaming Reclining Chair

The GoPlus Gaming Recliner is another gaming massage chair that provides some of the best comfort available for the casual gamer. While it is most definitely only for the smaller person (less than 5’8″ to be safe) , the GoPlus gaming recliner is a luxurious way to lean back and get your game on. This gaming chair is perfect for your console or mobile gamer, and while it’s shape can “kind of” work for a PC gamer, it’s going to be pretty awkward, and too low and wide for a desk.

It comes with full back massage, from four points, with 8 modes, and a few more lazy boy style features including a cup holder and side pouch, and full width arm rests. It also comes with a secure iron base, making it harder to move, but more stable for reclining!

While I can’t personally review this chair (I’m 6’4, a little large for this tiny chair) but the padding can be a little hard, so you may to add some form of padding!

So what’s the best gaming chair?

There’s no one-size-fits all gaming chair, but depending on your needs, one of these gaming chairs should fit your needs.

Personally the Secret Lab Titan is my dream chair, it’s comfort is unparalleled and I love the look and style. The price is high tough, especially if you swing for the full leather option.

If you’re looking for a cheap but full functional chair, the GT Racing is an affordable entry level chair with great features to boot.

Looking for a relaxing gaming chair, something you can chill in? The GoPlus gaming recliner is there for you, just as long as you’re small enough.

Whatever you choose, getting a gaming chair is a great investment, it can help your posture, help prevent spinal issues, and help prevent aches and pains, and keep you relaxed and on point when you need to keep your focus.