The Playstation 5 release is just days away, and while people are clamoring to get their hands on this beast of a machine, publishers are getting their games ready as well. Some games will have digital updates for owners of the PS4 variants, but if you’re looking to get the latest and greatest here are five of the best PS5 games available for pre-order!

5) Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition

Coming in at number 5 is the latest in the Spider-man franchise. This game is out as a PS5 launch edition, ready to take advantage. There’s new gameplay and new skills to explore. You’re going to need as you get thrust in to a war between a devious energy corporation and a tech savvy criminal organization.

Between the stunning visuals and intricate story line, you’ll find yourself immersed in rich and vibrant world playing Miles Morales as he follows in the footsteps of his mentor, Peter Parker.

Getting in on the Ultimate Edition preorder comes with benefits as well. Additional Spiderman suits, skill points, and gadgets, will spur you in to some fast paced gameplay, along with a remastered version for your PS4.

Purchase on Amazon: Standard ($49.98) | Ultimate ($69.98)

4) Demon’s Souls

Ten years after it’s original launch, Demon’s Souls has been recreated and reimagined the world of Boletaria and it’s twisted evils to immerse you in stunningly atmospheric world of horrors.

Collecting the souls of those you save, you’ll traverse through the worlds to increase your strength and defeat the greatest of foes. The game doesn’t end at the final boss, with online PvP combat and online invasions keeping things fresh as you fight players from a round the globe.

Demon’s Souls meshes a detailed corrupted world with skill based combat, ensuring you’ll get lost for hours as you fight to protect the innocent and defeat the world’s evil.

Purchase on Amazon ($69.98)

3) Godfall: Ascended Edition

Godfall hit’s the PS5 on launch with a regular and “Ascended” edition (Which gives you first dat access to the first expansion, along with a ton of other perks).

Godfall is an ultimate hack and slash adventure with co-op modes and a fast paced advancement system to keep things interesting.

This stunningly beautiful world pits you against your traitorous brother and an adventure to reclaim your throne. This fast-paced world will keep you on your toes as you loot and slash your way through ever hardening enemies ready to thwart you on your mission.

Purchase on Amazon: Standard ($69.99), Ascended Edition ($99.99)

2) Far Cry 6: PS5 Gold Steelbook Edition

Far Cry 6 continues the legendary gaming series known for it’s detailed cinematic quality open world environments. In far Cry 6 you’ll be entering an island world ruled by a cruel dictatorship. Your goal, to break your country free from the regime, and fight through the largest open world in Far Cry history, including an entire sprawling urban city of the oppressive state.

Get tired of the city, head out to the beaches, the jungles, or the open farmland as you take control of makeshift weapons, tanks, and cars.

Beyond the fun and beauty, you’ll find yourself experiencing a movie quality game with Far Cry 6, with amazing acting and

Far Cry 6 comes in both standard and gold editions (With gold including the season pass and a few bonus items).

Purchase on Amazon: Standard ($49.94), Gold Steel Book ($109.99)

1) Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed returns with you living the world of an epic Viking Saga, and become a legendary Viking warrior. As you fight your way to glory you’ll find yourself fighting through Saxon settlements, facing off against the English, and other Vikings, as well as building a settlement of your very own.

Explore the shores of Norway, and the kingdoms of England, and learn new fighting styles with a new aggressive double handed weapon system to tear through your enemies and pave your road to glory.

As with any Assassin’s Creed game you can find yourself in a beautifully crafted world and able to easily traverse the world around you through stealth or outright attack, whatever your playstyle.

Prelaunch comes with a bonus mission, and the gold edition includes the season pass!

Purchase on Amazon: Standard Edition ($59.99), Gold Edition ( $109.99)

Can’t wait for the PS5 Release?

Some of these PS5 games come with enhanced editions of previous games, and there are plenty of PS4 games out there that will be getting free upgrades to the PS5 on launch and beyond. Some will allow save ports as well if you want to get ahead or the game. Don’t forget to pick up some extra controllers for non-stop gameplay, and of course, getting ready for some epic multiplayer gaming.